Can't make a new project

Hey, so… I downloaded UE4 a few weeks ago and everything was going great but now i can’t make new projects. If i clic on the yellow button of the launcher to make another project it crashes at some point and shows a “Unreal Engine 4 Crash Reporter” window

then i send and report this and try to open an old project and shows the same crash. So i checked the diafnostics files and they are all like “crash report”, “crashcontext”.

I can only open my last project and it works fine, so i said “i could make another project inside this one”, NO :frowning:

So i don’t know what to do. Please help :c

Hi SonicBFitch,

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the engine and when you do include the debugging symbols.
Also could you provide your system specs? You can do this by opening command promp and entering: dxdiag

When the dxdiag window opens click “save all info” and upload the .txt file here.


link text

Do i really have to uninstall it? :c i’ll try that, here is the dxdiag.

Well, it looks like uninstalling and re-installing the engine solves the problem. I hope it doesn’t happen again. thank you!