Can't login with Launcher anymore...


I can’t connect with the launcher anymore. I get the following errors:

Never had any issues before today. I’ve looked on the Answerhub, but none of the fixes suggested work. Am I getting this error because there is too much traffic on Epic’s servers? I’d really appreciate to know what’s going on, because I can’t re-install the engine at the moment and I am unable to work…


I’m getting the same thing.

did you tried this?

Could you open the UE4 site ? Download installer ? Maybe you have the same issue as we -

Hi everyone,

If you are still having this issue please try the ‘-http=wininet’ solution in the link below. Let us know if it works or not.




I think there was an update for the launcher and it appear that the issue is now resolved.


that help! thanks for the info!!

Everyday I work well with UE4 but today Aug 6 I can’t sign in UE4 (See the attached image).

Help me pls,


I have the same problem. From today I can’t go to Epic Launcher. Nothing happens.

I have to wait now. Hope tomorrow will be ok.

Launcher does not work. Where do I need to write to technical support?

You dont have to wait if all you need to do is open up and work on your project. You can always go to your project’s folder and open it manually.

If TJ Ballard’s link didnt help you can post the problem you are having on AnswerHub.

Here are my Debug Logs (Attached file).

I’ve already posted it to AnswerHub (See link: Sign in problem - UE4 AnswerHub).

Help me pls

Hey all,

This thread was originally created back in March, and we should have closed it after the known issue was resolved. I am going to close this now, so that we can ensure that people are directed to the proper support channels.

If you are experiencing an issue with the Epic Games Launcher, first please review the Troubleshooting guide to determine if any of the solutions may help you:

If nothing in the guide helps, then please refer to the Installation & Setup section of the UE4 AnswerHub, which is where we review and assist with Launcher issues. First, please look through the current posts to see if the issue you are experiencing may be a widespread issue that Epic is already working to address. If it’s not, then you should run a search for your specific issue to see if anyone else has also experienced it, and if they have identified a solution. Finally, if you determine that your issue is unique, please make a new post, and be sure to include logs (the process for which is described in the troubleshooting guide).