Cant login to Ue4 says i am not connected but i am

i downloaded the Ue4 installer and i am on wifi but when i try to log in in Ue4 it says there is no connection and the dial up connection window pops up how can i fix this

Just a particular. UE4 is different from UDK. It confuses things. This is for UE4, if you are having trouble with UDK go to it’s forums. Unreal Engine 3 Features - Unreal Engine

sorry for the confussion this is my first time with anything like this but my question was wrong i cannot log in to the unreal engine but i did just buy udk 4 that is why i thought to say udk4

ok i found ouut that i had another default connection that was trying to connect so i deleted it and it worked

I am glad that you were able to resolve the issue.