Can't load projects that use c++

Any file that uses c++ will not load. I can load up projects that use blueprint but anything that I make that also uses c++ gives me a screen that says “project modules are missing or out of date. Would you like to recompile them?.” If I say yes then it tells me the “game code couldn’t be compiled. Continue trying to start anyway?.” If i say yes it tells me that the game module could not be found. Please ensure that this module exists and that it is compiled. I am using windows 7 and vs 2013 professional. I have vs 2010 but I have read that this doesn’t matter. I also have projects that depend on vs 2010 so id rather not uninstall that if possible. Does anyone else have this problem?

can you compile your project in VS 2013? Maybe some api change if you go from 1 version to another, you need to fix that first, if VS can compile project then it should be ok.

I actually can’t compile projects either. I keep going back to my project to see if I can make changes to get it to compile and that is when I get this error.

Id suggest you check your reference libraries.

As you work with other projects in VS im guessing your looking in the wrong locations for libs.

That was the answer thanks. It now works as long as I set all the vc directories to inherit from parent. Is there anyway i could set this option to do this permanently?

there are package manager plugins available for VS, these may hold the functionality you need if its not in the project options, or lib options.

Try NuGet, Library Package manager.