Can't link to imported Textures in Material Instance Editor

So I’ve opened the Material Instance Editor for a material I need to edit. I simply want to change the default Normal, Roughness and Base Color maps. I’ve also imported my new Textures by dragging them into my Content Browser.

But no matter what I do I cannot link to any of these imported textures! They do NOT come up in the Browse.Search Assets field.

Spent a couple hours googling. What am I doing wrong?

maybe they imported as Virtual Textures?
Even then they should be visible.

What file format are you importing? I use TARGA, but usually PNG/JPG work fine too. RAW from camera usually doesn’t but it was still visible in the content browser…

These are the materials from the Automotive materials pack.

Open the material and check what type of options are setup for the texture sample parameter.

Still don’t see why it wouldn’t take a texture you drag to it. But maybe share screenshots so what you are doing is more clear…