Can't link material from the project to imported meshes

Would love the option to link them directly to an existing material in the project, when importing:

My project only uses one material for the entire project, and having that linked to any mesh I import would save a lot of time.

I don’t think we have an option for that unfortunately. Most UE developers use more than one material (sometimes there may be one (or a few) master material(s) that all materials inherit from, but at a minimum they generally need many instances to make variations on the master material and change the properties/logic of the master materials). In regular UE, there would be ways to use python to import to assign materials, or some setup in the construction script of a blueprint, editor functions in a blueprints, but I’m not sure if those are available in UEFN, possibly not.
It looks like you can also select multiple placed static meshes and then assign the same material to them in the details panel at once. I was hoping you could also do this in the content browser with multiple select Asset Actions > Edit via Property Matrix, but unfortunately the static mesh type is so old the data for it is not compatible with the property matrix (I know there are discussions about improving this but it doesn’t appear to have gotten there yet).

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Thanks for the explanation, this makes sense. Yeah no biggie, it’s a niche workflow anyway but I thought I d mention it.