Can't link Epic account to Github account

It just keep saying that “temporarily unable to use this service, please try again later”.
And also I can’t link my account to PSN.

Log into your Epic account and go to Connections to link an account to Epic Games

I already tried that before post this question.

What happend when you click on conections?


I can see the connection list and whenever I click the button, as I mentioned above, it shows “temporarily unable to use this service, please try again later” phrase.


Do you login with the Epic Games launcher or in a web browser?


Did you login to the Github And Linked your account there?

In a web browser. Yes, I did.

Did you click on view invitation on Github?

Watch this and tell me if it did help you:

Here is the links that I follow.
I don’t think the way you showed me in the video link is used anymore.

Can you login and click on connections and upload a screenshot of it?

Finally, I can link my account. The Nano Defender(Adblocker) was the cause of this problem. Thanks for your concerns.

I’m happy that you was able to link your account.

Can you please mark this as resolved?