cant launch unreal engine 4

when i go to launch unreal engine 4 - 4.12.5 it says

Launch Failed

Could not launch Unreal Engine. Please verify the installation

Error Code: LS-0014

search our Knowledge base to learn more

There should also be a log file created either in the project directory or in the users folder(windows).

Have a look at this.


Bump up, I have same problem. Lots of files missing(Win64/UEEditor.exe…) and the Launcher told “LS-0014” error after I compiled our C++ Unreal project. It happened after I installed NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android. I had re-installed Unreal and no luck.

Unreal: 4.13.1
CodeWorker: 1R5

Bump again - i have the same problem - and I’m on a mac.