Can't launch Unreal Editor

Hi !

Since yesteday I can’t launch ANY version of Unreal Editor.

I didn’t do anyhting special. I was working on Unreal Editor last version 4.7.1, it’s was perfectly working then suddenly I can’t open it anymore. The loading freezes near 80~83% never go higher and it’s seems the machine didn’t “works” to load the editor. On resource panel, the unreal editor takes 0% of the processor so it’s kill suddenly.

I clean and remove all my work and reinstall everything from scratch but the issue is still here :frowning:

Did someone already get this issue?



hm i had this happen to me once i had to let it sit and compile a ton of shaders
is the engine just crashing or are you ending the process?, if your not ending engine it check your task manager and see if it has shader compilers running

also can you get your logs?