Can't launch game, can't change Project Properties file

I’m trying to package and launch a game on a Galaxy S7, but upon completion the game
just hangs at the unreal slash screen.
In my project settings under Platforms->Android I get this message:

And when I click Configure Now, I get an error from Source control saying “Could not check out Project Properties file”
Not only is the file not checked out by anyone, but I have even deleted the file from source control
to ensure it would be impossible for anyone to have it checked out.

Sample projects load up fine on the phone, and my game also loads up fine on an S5, despite the above error.
I have no idea how to proceed, I have tried every build option and numerous sdk versions, always hangs at the splash.

Any help would be appreciated!


Did you ever find a fix for this?

For anyone who stumbles across this: I didn’t have a file in my Project/Build/Android/ folder. I just created a blank file with that name in that location and it seemed to configure correctly.