Cant launch an object

Hello, why I can’t launch this object?
This object is the skeleton’s head, which should fly away when it’s killed. Please help me.
Thank you)


In your screenshot the issue is pointed out in the error message at the bottom.

The object you are trying to reference is a SkeletonHead, but the LaunchCharacter function requires an object type of Character. The error message is asking you to set the “Target” to a Character reference.

See also:

Hello Neeck Kola,

The ‘Launch Character’ function only works on objects either derived from the Character class or if they’re an instance of the Character class.
If this is an physics object you can add an impulse to it and that’d be it. What I’m referring to here are the ‘Add (…) Impulse (…)’ nodes targeting primitive components.

Hope that helps. Just let me know if that doesn’t work, or if you have any questions.



Yeah, that’s exactly what I needed, thank you)