Can't kill an animated imported enemy UE4

I have a following problem with my enemy. 1. I’ve imported a rigged, animated enemy (human like) - running on spot (3ds max) into Unreal. Created animation blueprint, blend space, enemy blueprint - works fine. 2. Created pawn sensing - works 3. I wanted to make the player kill the enemy so it disapears following this tutorial (by the way a really nice one, thx a lot UE4 Tutorial | Enemy Follow Kill Player | Player Kill Enemy - YouTube. 4. It worked fine (I was able to kill the enemy) but only when I had it without my imported animation - on spot, so it was only moving to the charakter) and always when I’ve had it with an imported animation, which wasn’t done on spot → enemy walked on line). This is what I’ve got in blueprints. Hope it’s understandable. I don’t know what am I missing? Thanks for any help in advance.