Can't join session with Advanced Sessions Plugins

Hey everyone, i have added the advanced sessions plugins. Though i can create and find advanced sessions i can’t join them. I get this error

This error is from the log and it’s the only error i get!
Is there any fix? I have followed every instruction the creator has given! I am using the 4.23 version

Seems like the steam key isn’t valid.
Do you activated OnlineSubsystemSteam?
And do you added Project ID 480 (or your own if you already got one)?

i have definetily activated the project id in the .ini file. But how can i be sure about the onlinesubsystemsteam? I get the overlay. Does that mean it works?

​​Overlay activated = subsystem works.

Another a problem could be NAT or Port forwarding. My Connection got blocked over a half year (made a topic here, too… no answer until now)…
Problem was, that my Router NAT blocked the outgoing connection. Perhaps you need to give your security settings of Firewall, Router and Ports a look over.

How would i do that? Sorry if this is a nooby question!

Things I can think of:

  • Make sure you’re testing the game in standalone, not in editor PIE window. (since you’re getting the steam overlay i guess you’re already doing this)
  • Servers won’t show up if you run the game in 2 windows on the same pc, or try with the same steam account on both game windows. → What you need is a second pc and a second steam account to be able to test this. I suggest to make a packaged build of the game and take it to a second pc, make a second steam account and login to it on second pc. Then on your main pc run the game in standalone, and run the packaged build on second pc. Now try if you see the server you created pop up in the server list and can join it.

If you’re already doing this then I dunno. Maybe give more info and a screenshot of your blueprints so we can better help you.

Which part of the blueprint? though the join session the create or the find?