Can't interact with 3d UMG widgets

It’s been an issue for a looong time, but in previous version you could “fix” this issue by changing pivot point, yet in 4.10 it does not work anymore(It does not work how it should work and fix does not work any longer too).
Folks said this issue will be fixed in 4.10, but I don’t see it working in 4.10 and afaik p2 was already merged into upcoming release so I want to raise awareness of this issue.
Currently the only way I’ve found to create working 3d umg - creating it in previous engine versions and then upgrade projects =/

AnwserHub Reference for this issue:
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AnswerHub Reference for similar unresolved issues when client only can’t access 3d widgets: [UE-6411]
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Also, this official tutorial is broken now: Create 3D widgets

Disclaimer: I’m aware of experimental status of this feature, but it’s been a long time since release and I think it’s time to get some updates in because 4.10 is a polishing/bugfixing pass and because it was **stated by a developer **that fix will be in 4.10.

Thank you.

Not a big fan of bumps, but bump :slight_smile:

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This stops my project from being developed further.

Yeah this has been an ongoing headache for ever when trying to create cool 3d menus. It seems anything other than first person view the screen space to world space position just doesnt convert properly, if it even works at all.

Maybe there is an Epic rule to ignore that particular issue on Answerhub and forums I’m not aware of? :smiley:

It would be nice if the 3D widget would support line traces with the umg elements as a hit result or some other feedback.

That way it could also work for VR GUI where you have the gaze or a vector from the controller as input.

In the roadmap trello board there is mention of UMG for AAA , with VR UI’s mentioned… so maybe this is an idea being worked on. At least i suppose these bugs to be adressed.

It’s fixed in master/4.11. The 4.10 fix was insufficient to fix all issues. Custom hit testing, gaze, collision…etc for individual widgets will come later. I have some local code that adds a component that does it, but it has required a laundry list of changes to Slate to make it happen. That component wont be in 4.11, because it’s currently garbage. I will however probably post the code to the forums after 4.11 comes out so that someone else who has some time can make a good component that does all the interaction ever.

There should be a preview release of 4.11 sometime soon, please try it out and let me know if there are continued issues.

Cheers, Nick!
Finally I can sleep at night :slight_smile:

Want to confirm that it is working correctly in 4.11p3

This is still broken … sigh

Is this ever going to be fixed ?

Are you sure you’ve setup everything correctly?
Working fine for me in 4.11.2

Yeah, i cannot interact at all with it… Could you show me your setup ? In the UserWidget itself i only have a button displaying Hello when clicked… cannot be triggered at all.
I’m not getting any debug message at all printed to the screen…

EDIT: You were right. There was a HUD Element set to “Visibility” and was blocking the raycast. Works fine, sorry about the confusion and thanks letting me know that it works for you, helped me to find the issue.

Sorry for bumping an ancient thread; Google just landed me here while trying to get a basic UMG widget to work in 3d (with the eventual goal of gaze/motion controller line traces controlling the widget). Did anything ever come of this? Did you end up posting this code and/or including this in 4.12 already? Thanks!

Nick ended up creating the solution rather recently. You can check out the latest update he posted here:

Is there a time-frame as to when we’ll be able to see how he did it? Seeing it’s possible is nice, but knowing HOW he did it will prove very useful for the community!

In the livestream on Thursday, Nick said that it will be in 4.13 (as an experimental feature) and features should include documentation when they are no longer “experimental” or possibly sooner. Basically, it’s a new interaction component that you can add to your player’s character.

so let me summarize this.

ability to interact with Widget in the 3D World is still not doable as of 4.12 is that correct?

Not by default no, but the solution will be in 4.13.