Can't install Unreal Engine

I’ve installed the epic games luancher and everything, I’ve even gotton ue4 on an older laptop one, but the plus button is greyed out, and it won’t let me get it.

(here’s a screenshot)

Have you tried pressing “Install Engine”?

Aha! Just quit the launcher, deleted all my project folders and restarted the launcher. The option of version 4.27 came up! It’s installing now, so fingers crossed…

Exactly the same thing is happening to me (the screen grab above reflects my position too). There are no versions visible and the + button can’t be activated. Also, nothing happens when you click on install engine or the arrow dropdown next to it.

I am reinstalling Unreal Engine after clearing my computer completely. However I have placed the original project files back in the documents folder. Could this be the cause of the trouble?