Can't install Unreal Engine at all - Very Stuck

Above is a screenshot of my Epic Games Launcher, the button is greyed out and when I click install nothing happens at all. I’m very confused and would appreciate any help provided.


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I have actually solved this issue, for anyone who experiences this. I had to click on the UE5 tab, and then click download early access. After this I was able to install 4.26.2.


The same problem happened here and it was fixed up as @anonymous_user_729758011 said.

Had the same problem, but with version 4.27.1, same fix. Thank you.

I have the same problem with installing UE 4.26.2 and 4.27.1, Trying your solution now by downloading and installing UE5 early access and hopefully the other version which I use for production can be installed. The Epic Games team needs to address this issue or bug urgently.

As of 14th Feb 2022, this bug still exists - have to select UE5 Early Access before 4.27.1

iam facing same bug and the unreal engine 5 tab has been removed.

I just built a new pc for this with win 11, now the launcher has no ue5 tab (didn’t when i installed preview on win10)
install engine does nothing and engine version[+] is grayed out.

windows 11 fix… for me anyway
right click Epic game Launcher shortcut select Properties, click Compatibility tab and change to run in win8, click apply.
right click Epic game Launcher shortcut select and run as admin…all good now

just did a re install of win 11, forget the above…i think epic launcher just needs time.

Unfortunately the UE5 trick didn’t work for me, it just downloads the Epic Games Launcher installer file again. Not sure if this is a recent change.

I had the same issue when trying to install UE5 after the official release came out. In the latest Epic Games Launcher (14.0.2 on OSX) the UE5 tab does not exist.

My (accidental) solution was to navigate to the Epic Games tab on the left nav bar, load the store then navigate back to the Unreal Engine tab. After this the yellow plus icon became active and I could start the intsallation.

The 5.0 install was grayed out for me also; to rectify, click on the “Engine Versions +” button up top and v5 will then become available to install :slight_smile: