can't install ue4

i wanna ask, i can’t install UE4. i attached the message box screen shot.
please help

That looks like XP … XP is not supported.

Hardware & Software Specifications

Well if you can’t use a new windows I suggest this. Get ubuntu. Install it on a partition or new hard drive. And get the Ue4 source code. And build it and… VOILA! It should work.
P.S. Use the 64bit ubuntu.

is there’s no other way?

No … there is no other way … You can use Windows 7, Linux (support is not 100% but they are working on it), or MacOS (support not 100% but they are working on it).

You can use Windows 10 Insider Preview as well.

What about Windows 8 ?:rolleyes:

But true, Windows XP is as useless for UE4 as my old graphics card is.(UE4 does not support CGA :p)

Windows 8.1 is just as good as Windows 7, even better IMO. Windows XP is awesome but it’s had its run.

I meant Windows 7 or better … sheesh … 8-p

If you install windows 8 also install ClassicShell. Windows 8 is unusable IMO without it, but works quite well with it.

Windows 8.1 is very good. You don’t need ClassicShell.