Can't install UE4 in my PC (Windows XP)

My PC does not install UE4 because, as it says, de installation package is not suported by my PC’s kind of processor. What can I do to install UE4 in my PC (Windows XP)?


Here are the system requirements required for UE4:
For developing with UE4, we recommend a desktop PC with Windows 7 64-bit or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later, 8 GB RAM and a quad-core Intel or AMD processor, and a DX11 compatible video card. UE4 will run on desktops and laptops below these recommendations, but performance may be limited.

You can locate this information by going [here][1].

Without seeing your dxdiag from your computer, I can’t say whether or not it’s your processor. However, if the error is stating that, you may need to upgrade your computer. You can always submit your dxdiag to us. You obtain that information by going to your start menu, typing in ‘dxdiag’ and running the ‘dxdiag.exe’. Once the program opens, click on ‘save all information’ and upload it to your next reply to us.


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What did you meant when you said i needed to upgrade my computer?

Here is the information you asked for. I hope it helps solving the problem.

35121-dxdiag.txt (42.4 KB)


Thanks for providing me with your dxdiag .

After reviewing your dxdiag from your computer, it looks as if your computer is a bit dated. The suggested system requirements for UE4 is having Windows 7 64-bit with at least 8GB RAM, along with a quad-core processor and a DX11 compatible graphics card.

Your computer has a dual core processor, with 1 GB RAM and a graphics card that only supports up to DX9. So looking at these computer specifications, I can tell that your computer is not able to handle UE4. You would at the very least need to update your graphics card and ram, but more than likely you’ll need to update your processor as well since it’s only a dual core.

If you’d like to see what computer specs others are running within the community, check out this [forum thread][1].


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Thanks for the help.

can you please help me with abnother problem

is that i my laptop is more “advanced” than my pc and has windows 8.1 but i can-t instal ue4 on it either.


Could you please provide me with the dxdiag from your laptop? I can look at that and let you know whether or not it’ll run. :slight_smile:

Sent.[link text][1]

35125-dxdiag.txt (68.8 KB)

Sent.[link text][1]

35125-dxdiag.txt (68.8 KB)


Thanks for obtaining those so quickly for me. While your laptop is better suited for UE4, the RAM is still quite low. We do recommended at least 8 GB of RAM. You should be able to run the editor on your laptop but I want to let you know that it may be a bit slow/laggy and that’s due to the RAM being 2 GB.


When I try to install it, it doesn’t even let me, because of the processor. Is there something I can do to fix this and install ue4 anyway?


Are you trying to install UE4 on your Desktop which has the dual core processor, or on your laptop which has a quad core processor?

Here is a [Troubleshooting Guide][1] to help you with installing the Launcher. Hopefully the documentation within this guide will assist you with installing the launcher and engine on your computer.

Please keep in mind that UE4 will not install on your Desktop. It should install on your Laptop, but it will run extremely slow due to the RAM needed to run it. It also may boil down to your Laptop not having enough RAM in general, so you may need to upgrade the RAM to at least 4, but recommended 8. I know some Laptops aren’t upgrade compatible, but some are (mine is, so hopefully yours is too).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t heard from you in a few days. It seems that your issue has since been resolved. If you run into any further complications, please do not hesitate to submit a new question to AnswerHub.

Thanks! :slight_smile: