Can't install UE4 in 64bit Programs folder

Hey Guys,
i have the new Asus ROG Laptop and i cant install the UE4 Launcher to my 64bit directory. it gives me only the option to install it on th x86 directory. i found nothing usefull in the forums,half answeres and promisses…
so down to the point… how do i install the engine to my 64bit directory?

This file should help you: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games

thx for the answer!
i have the launcher and the engine installed on 4 computers with all of them in the right directory never had an issue…my launcher crashed few times on the new ROG so im trying to install on C: without directory…hope it will work fine

You should install it in the normal Program files if you can change it. (I’ve never tried.)

To avoid any other problems.

Hi JohnnyBlack,

Unfortunately this is an issue that we are aware of, but do not yet have an acceptable solution for (this is actually not something that is unique to the Launcher). The 64-bit version of the Launcher is actually being installed if you have a 64-bit OS, it is just being installed incorrectly in the x86 directory.

If necessary, you can install the launcher to any directory other than Program Files (eg. C:\Epic Games) and this issue should no longer occur.