Can't install UE

it doesnt show in the library and i tried reinstalling related stuff a few times, still doesnt appear.
this is how it all started:
i downloaded it from the library and everything worked. tried downloading UE but i didnt have enough space on disc C (the selected one). so another day i tried to restart installation in disc E (i had space there) but i wasnt sure how to do that as it only looked like i could continue the previous installation or something, so i tried completely reinstalling it and setting it to disc E this time but i couldve messed something up and the installator didnt appear anywhere in the library. i redownloaded epic games to see if it works, redownloaded UE, tried using the setup file to both fix and delete UE, but it turned out it actually uninstalled epic games launcher instead of UE which mightve been what it was supposed to do but now im confused and stuck :frowning:

tl;dr: UE installer doesnt show up in the library after trying to reinstall

also sorry if i mess up tags or the other options, im a bit new to this and its late so i couldve chosen the wrong ones but i hope its good