Can't install UE!

Hello everyone.
I thought that maybe someone can help me with my problem.

I registered and downloaded Epic Games Launcher, which supposedly should let me install UE. The first time I launched it, there was this “Install UE 4.x.something” button that would, what I assumed, install Unreal Engine on my system. I clicked it and agreed with the license. But then, nothing happened. No network activity whatsoever.

So I restarted the launcher, and in place of that button I got this:
Clicking this button, as well as the arrow and then the item that is on the list, does nothing.

I reinstalled Epic Games Launcher, but still get the same problem. I also rebooted my workstation, to no avail.

So what can I do now to install Unreal Engine?

I assume that some entries were done to the Windows registry and now the launcher thinks the UE has been installed.

I’m on a 64-bit Win7 Pro.

Hey Ajz!
Check out this thread, I think it may help you!

Thanks ZeOrb!
I read the thread, however the the Library only grants me liberty to install UE 4.8.0, which is a preview - unstable version. And I’d rather like to install a stable one.
“Add versions” button is disabled, so clicking it doesn’t do much apart of raising my frustration. :wink:
It’s not exactly how I imagined my first contact with Unreal Engine…

Click on the arrow next to 4.8.0 and you’ll be able to install previous versions such as v4.7.6 :slight_smile:

Ah, this arrow!
Simple, yet complicated. :smiley:
Thank you!