Can't install UE due to graphics card

Hi there,

I’m on a W10 machine with gtx980m, intel core i7-4720HQ, 16gb Ram
I was able to install and run UE on this same machine in the past,
now the launcher fails during installation with the message:

“There is a problem with your graphics card. Please ensure your card meets the minimum system requirements and that you have the latest drivers installed.”

seems a bit strange cause in the past I’ve installed and run successfully UE on this machine.

it goes without saying that all the nVidia drivers, dx and w10 are up to date

attached you can find the debugging logs and DxDiag log,

thankslink text

I got UE4 on my laptop with a 940m, so this is weird.
Could be trying to use your Intel graphics for some reason.
try this

Only thing i can think of is fact that Intel GPU is on the way but i never heard of it to cause issue in installaton and dxdiag seems fine to me. You could try building engine from source, or installing on diffrent PC and move engine to laptop and see if UE4 runs, UE4 logs if there is any issue should be more telling what is going on.

I don’t have this menu if right clicking on the desktop
and I don’t see any options for graphics card when on the

Manage 3D settings menu of my nVidia :frowning:

UE4 Logs installers are in the zip alog with dxdiag.

I mean I don’t have the Intel Graphics properties as shown in the link you posted,

and when I’m on Geforce experience I don’t have the option to select any graphics card,
my nVidia drivers are up to date and my 980m is active

it’s like my system don’t see the intel graphics instead…

Then your nividia drivers don’t exist, or are not being used, because the control panel should always exist when those drivers are installed. Id check the Gefore experience program and let that software install the drivers.

I’ve also discovered that my machine Asus G751JY doesn’t have Intel Graphics HD but only runs a GTX980m. Seems very strange because in the past I was easily able to install and run Unreal.

I’ve done clean install of nvidia drivers, checked DirectX12, everything seems to be but Unreal Installer always fails.

Also, the message appears both when installing and when reinstalling Unreal Installer.
I’ve tried 7.5.0 too but with no succes.

well in your device manager, you could try to update drivers online functionality, that’s given me results in the past.

what do you mean exactly with “drivers online functionality”? Thanks so much

So in windows → device manager-> right mouse a device, you see an option for update drivers.
then a new screen will pop up and one option will ask you to Search automatically for updated driver software.(the top one). As seen here.
Update drivers in Windows

Done this several time, done nvidia drivers clean install several times, registry cleaning, everything possible: no way to make it work.
I’ll try with an OS clean install as soon as possible.