Can't install UE - Any verison

I can’t even install Unreal Engine to get started…

‘Install Engine’ - button does absolutely nothing except take me to the Library page.
‘+’ - button can’t even be clicked, nothing is received.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the launcher - nothing.
This doesn’t give me much confidence in using UE if the basic download process doesn’t even work.

For anyone coming to this page because of the same reason, I posted the fix on reddit (and forgot I’d posted on here).

To rectify this;

  1. Click the ‘Library’ page on the left-side to view your games.
  2. This should prompt to say you’re “now online” - click OK.
  3. In the Games list, find “Unreal Engine” and click it.

This will redirect you back to the Unreal Engine page (as above), and the Install Engine Versions “+” button will now be yellow and accessible.

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