Can't install the EGL after a hard drive where an older version existed crashed

A long time ago, I had EGL installed on a “gaming” hard drive named J:, which ultimately died. I have not been using EGL since then so there was no issue. However, now that I want to use it, I can’t reinstall it anymore because there are still leftovers of the previous installation and the EpicInstaller.msi won’t let me install a new instance, it forces me to use the old drive.

To try circumventing this issue, I temporarily renamed one of my current hard drives into J:, and ran the .msi installer again. This time, the installer did not complain about J: drive missing, and could install in J:\Epic Games\ (though it gave me no choice, which I found weird). Since this is not where I want it installed, I tried uninstalling it (which, this time, was possible because there was an actual installation). The uninstallation went well. However, now, I can’t install it anymore, be it on J: or anywhere else.

Here are the logs of the installation: [link text][1]. Please don’t pay attention to the stupid path containing \JEUX STEAM\Epic, I know it makes no sense, but well, it’s too late to rename it to just \JEUX\ now that some games have been installed there, so I’m not trying.

Sorry about the text being in French, I can translate if necessary.

Thank you in advance for your help.