Cant install the datasmith exporter 4.20E4 for 3ds max 2019

so i cant install the E4 updated datasmith to my 3ds max because it seems that the E2 version of the exporter i have installed is immortal!
when installing the E4 exporter it tries to uninstall the E2 version first and the installer gives me this massage (the photo attached), its trying to find the E2 installer to uninstall E2, why in the actual F#@$ would i still have the installer? and i cant download the E2 installer from your website EPIC. what now?
also i tried to uninstall the E2 version manually from the control panel, same massage, and tried to delete the plugin from the plugin directory in 3ds max, didnt help.


I’ve different problem with installation of E4 version. I’ve tried to install it, and it says “the specified account already exist” and cancel the installation. Moreover right now I cannot export anything, cause I cannot see datasmith file from drop down menu in “export” menu.
I cannot also uninstall previous version of datasmith exporter.
Every time is the same message. There is no answer on the web right now.

In case that someone will have same issue: delete in registry editor all data regarding previous version of datasmith plugin. After that installation of new version will continue fine.