Cant install, error 0xc000007b

Hi !

I’ve downloaded the installer, but when I launch it I always get the error 0xc000007b . Even after reinstalling Windows, the error persists.
I’m using Windows 7 with the SP1, VC redistributables are installed, directx seems to be up to date.
I have absolutely no idea why this isn’t working. I can run it properly at my work with a ***** computer running on Windows 7 SP1 too.

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Hi Poupi, which version of the VC redistributables do you have installed? Can you try the link here:

Hi !
Ok, so I’ve deleted msvcr120.dll and msvcp120.dll then repaired the VC++ Redistributable installation and it works fine now.
I don’t understand why it didn’t work on the first time when I downloaded the same Redists : / .

Thank you for the quick support !

Glad you got it working. Sometimes the issues with the dll files are not detected by the repair process. The installers that perform the repair seem to skip right over the file once it is detected. Once you deleted the file, the repair process noticed it was missing and copied over new versions. For others that might be in this situation, I would suggest checking out the answer here:

CCleaner help me :slight_smile: