Can't install Direct Link for Archicad 23


does someone happen to know why the DirectLink installation for Archicad 23 is unvailable in my case?
You can see a screenshot here. Everything is greyed out apart from Archicad 22, but I would like to work with 23.

Thank you in advance for your reply.



That’s probably because the software couldn’t find the ArchiCAD 23 folder in the default install location. A few options: you don’t have Archicad 23 installed oy maybe it isn’t in the default install folder on your computer. It could be also that it is installed with some other name other than ArchiCAD 23.

We have the same problem in our small office. Everyone has 21, 22 and 23 installed.

Some can only select 22 (like you), some can select all and another employee can not select anything at all.

I just finished some testing. Success! I had the same issue with Archicad 23 (build 5003). I installed a new version of Archicad 23 (build 3003) and then I was able to install the Direct Link plugin. I then updated Archicad to Build 4006 from within Archicad. The Direct Link plugin continued to work. Then I updated to 5003, only available as a preview version downloaded from…ULL&version=23

After updating to 5003, the plugin still worked!

Hopefully this works for others.