Can't install Datasmith exporter for 3ds Max

hey! I got this error when trying to install Datasmith exporter for 3ds Max :

I already tried uninstalling the old datasmith I had on another 3dsmax programs, but can’t do that either because of this error ^ what can I do?

It happens sometimes,

it seems it is looking at the msi for 4.25 exporter version to uninstall your current version before installing the new 4.27.2 version.

Could you try to download the 4.25 installer here and try to use it to uninstall your current version or pass it to the 4.27.2 installer process.

Thank you for answering !
I downloaded the file, how can I uninstall the current version with it? it can only install the Datasmith, and it shows the same error.
maybe I’m missing something?

Hi HolyTomato6 !

When installing the new plugin, at the step on that screenshot you shared, browse to the location of the 4.25 .msi file Flavien linked to you.

This should help the installer remove all the old dependencies.

If the installer Flavien sent did not work, you can try with this version (which is the exact .msi the installer is asking for) :