Can't install codeworks

Hi there, I have UE 4.14.3 and my path is C:\AppInst\x86\Epic Games\4.14\Engine\Extras\AndroidWorks\Win64\CodeWorksforAndroid-1R5-windows.exe but when I click continue, it seems to fail installing NDK or download???

I didnt change nothing on the setup.

So what I do now?

Install CodeWorks for Android -

1.The first page you see will be the installer welcome page.Enter the directories where CodeWorks for Android will be installed, and where the files will be downloaded.
2.By default, CodeWorks for Android components are installed to C:\NVPACK, and the downloads are saved to C:\NVIDIA\CodeWorksforAndroid.Next, the CodeWorks for Android Component Manager will open in a new window, and allow you to select whether you want to install a Standard, Full, or Custom version of CodeWorks for Android.
3.After you have selected the components you wish to install, click Next to begin the download and installation process.
4.The license agreements for the components you have selected will be shown in a pop-up menu.
5.Review the license agreements, and then click Accept to continue.

O yeah, I did do that, the problem apparently was with the servers, connection or something, after a lot of retries it finally get downloaded correctly and the setup did work.