Can't install Boy & His Kite

Hi to all! I want to install Boy & His Kite to learn more about creating open world and nature assets, but it seems like I can’t. At first launcher downloads big file, about 21,9GB, and then proceed to download few smaller 7,4Gb or something like this. After downoading this files notification pops up, that the instalation is broken, and then launcher wants to download files again. So my laptop has been running now for like 3 days, downloading files, first 2 times for 4.15 build, now I’m trying 4.16. After downloading small files launcher verifies them, then it says “cleaning” and starts download 7,4GB files again, I don’t now if it supose to be like that or not? If anyone came across similar issue or know what can be a reason for this, I would really appreciate any help.