Can't install 4.7 preview. It does not appear in the launcher options

I’ve been trying 4.7.1 version on a project in my laptop for a couple of weeks during a Chrismas travel and now I was planning to continue working on the same project in my desktop computer, where I have 4.6 version installed. After copying the project files, I was about to install 4.7 preview in the PC to continue working but then I noticed that there is no way to download it since it seems that this engine version has dissapeared from the launcher options.

The 4.6 editor crashes when trying to open the 4.7 project, so now I can’t work on it. Is there still any way to download and install the 4.7 version?

Any help will be appreciated. I would not like to be forced to work in this project on a small laptop forever!

Hi Luis,

Could you provide a screenshot of your Launcher to show us exactly what you are seeing?

Hi. Thank you for your anwer. Here it is…

By the way. The 4.7 project is the third one in the first row. It appears as 4.0

Just to make sure we’ve cover our bases here. Have you clicked on the “Add Engine” button and looked to see if you have a 4.7 preview build available in the version drop down menu?

-Max B.

Yes. I’ve checked, Then it allows me to install an older version (4.4.3)

do you have any other versions available in the drop down menu to select the engine version?

If you click the + sign beside of the Engine title, does the 4.7 Preview not show up to download?

Yes 4.6.1 4.5.1 4.4.0


I removed the 4.7 project and then the Launcher displayed the option of download the 4.7 preview. Intalled it, then copied again the project back again and it openes without problem.

It seems that the launcher decides which version can be downloaded based on the versions of the existing projects, not the version of the binaries.

Glad to hear that you got it fixed. That is a curious case you have there, I’ll look into reproducing this issue on our end and see if we can get the same results. Thank you for letting us know about this!

-Max B.

I have something similar. Just done windows reinstall. Installed the launcher, Have no projects of builds download. It asked to download 4.6.1 but i don’t want it, i only want the 4.7 preview 5 build, but only 4.6.1 is available. Why can’t i just download the preview build? I have 4.6.1 on another drive, I never use the launcher for builds as i always build from github myself but unfortunately github 4.7 doesnt compile for forced to try the launcher version. Dont tell me i have to download 4.6.1 before i can download 4.7, that would be stupid. Any body have any ideas?

Hi KingBadger,
When you first open the launcher it will attempt to auto-download the latest non-preview build. 4.6 is not needed to download the preview build. As for 4.7 preview missing, can you try a uninstall then re-install?

-Max B.

I’ve got the same issue, but I don’t have any 4.7 projects.
So that fix won’t work for me.

Hi MAK777,

Have you been able to install any enginges? just to cover our bases here take a look at this link on how to install an engine: Can't install 4.7 preview. It does not appear in the launcher options - Getting Started & Setup - Epic Developer Community Forums

Let us know if that helps or if you’re experiencing a different issue.

-Max B.