Cant #include "AnimationNodes/SAnimationGraphNode.h"

Hello Community !!

im trying to create a custom widget control on my custom node, (clone of Sequence player node), so for that i need SAnimationGraphNode (@AnimationBlueprintEditor/Private module) whenever i try to include it
#include “AnimationNodes/SAnimationGraphNode.h”

it gives me on output:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘AnimationNodes/SAnimationGraphNode.h’: No such file or directory.

GameEditor.Build.cs :

            new string]
                "AnimationBlueprintEditor", /*  <---- Just in case i need some other headers */

            new string]
                "AnimationBlueprintEditor", /*  <---- target file is inside private folder*/

Currently workarounds:

  1. Include full path directly on project->nmake->include paths, same error.
  2. include the full path:
    #include “Editor\AnimationBlueprintEditor\Private\AnimationNodes\SAnimationGraphNode.h”, no include error, but then i got the linker errors (LNK2019, LNK1120) on the construct function: SAnimationGraphNode::Construct(SAnimationGraphNode::FArguments(), InNode);

cpp file:

void SGraphNode_CustomNode::Construct(const FArguments& InArgs, UAnimGraphNode_Base* InNode)
    this->GraphNode = InNode;

    //    if i comment this line, compile ok w/o linker errors, but then i dont have any widget control.
    SAnimationGraphNode::Construct(SAnimationGraphNode::FArguments(), InNode);

Win 10x64, VS2015 Update3.

so obviously im doing something wrong, can anyone point me the right direction ?