Can't import .wav files into the UE4

Good afternoon! I can not import into UE4 .wav files. I read the documentation, all sound settings fit the requirements of Unreal Engine 4, but when importing to the engine, an error is output that refers to the Output log, but the Output log itself is not displayed.
How to solve this problem?

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I think it’s gotta be a specific type of wav 16 bit pcm I think but don’t quote me


To open the output log: Click Window -> Developer Tools, then you will see Output Log
After that post the error that you get :slight_smile:

The wav file has to be: .wav, 16 bit PCM

Otherwise you could convert your wav with this converter: :// Probably the output of the converter will work with the UE4


Thank you so much!

Hi, thanks for your answer. But there is a PCM format selector on the online converter page which has more than a dozen choices. What are the differences among them? Does it really matter?

If you can avoid recompression, that would be optimal. Send me the name to the site.

When this happens, open the wav file in something like Audacity and export as WAV and select PCM 16