Can't import video asset

Guys what am I doing wrong.

I cant get my mp4 video asset to show up in the media player.

in the details section “source” >> “file” is showing a warning, epics media framework tutorial states you need a content/movie folder, I cant find this!

Can anyone please help?

Also according to the following tutorial which I’m completely relying on:

how exactly do I implement the trigger to play the movie, do I simply copy out the nodes, or is there more to it?

I’d appreciate your help,

Hi Doc,

You just need to create a folder named “Movie” and place any media assets there.

We also have a setup example map in our Content Examples project available on the Learn Tab in the Launcher. You can open this by going to Content Examples > Open Level > Media.umap

OK i’ve got rid of the warning by using the file structure


However, this wont now load in the media player, and jusat shows a black screen that you cant play.

its loaded something as in details>>Information>>Duration is showing 00:00:37!!!


Do the videos have to be in a specific format/resolution/play rate???

Accorindg to an older Answer it supported AVI and something else but not MP4

.mp4 is supported only if MPEG-4 is used for the decoder. H.264 is currently not supported on Windows. We are working on improving this - possibly for 4.8, but no promises!

I’ve got a few .mp4s that i need to play as videos in addition to some youtube videos, I’ve converted one to an AVI the quality seems to be quite bad.

What are my options to get as clear as possible 720p HD imagery into my game level? And how do I do this?

On Windows, your best bet is MPEG-4 encoded .mp4 or uncompressed AVI, although the latter will result in huge files. We are still working on supporting H.264 on Windows, which will provide great quality at relatively small file sizes.

What I’m trying to do is the player activates a trigger that launches the media player and plays a video, at the end of which it exits and allows the player to resume gameplay.

How do I do this?

I’d appreciate any and all help guys.

You can control this via Blueprints. There are examples in the ContentExamples project - the map is called Media.umap. There are demos for both in-world playback and UMG playback. There is currently no event on UMediaPlayer that allows you to get notified that playback finished. The workaround is to use a Delay node that is triggered on Play and set to the duration of the movie.

I can’t get this to work I’ve tried copying the functionality from content examples >> media.umap

Half the nodes won’t show up, can someone please elaborate with a step by step on how to do this?

If you follow the tutorial you should be able to get it to work. At which step exactly are you failing?

I’m really tearing my hair out!!!

I’ve tried to create the last item of the following tutorial:

where the player presses “M” to show a video and presses “M” again to close it.

However, I’m unable to get the nodes: “SET” in the event begin play function or

the nodes “media player variable” or “Target Target media player”.

On realising this and only needing to play a movie when a box trigger is activated, I’ve done the following bodge, that clearly doesnt work, how can I sort this so it does?


btw Im using v4.7.1

You must create a variable of type MediaPlayer, then assign the MediaPlayer instance from your ContentBrowser as its default value. You can then drag & drop that variable in the BP Editor into your blueprint, which will bring up a context menu where you can choose “Set” or “Get”.

Looking at your blueprint, it also seems that you are trying to play the movie in an UMG widget. Note that you actually have to create a UMG widget for that.


Whats the easiest way to get full screen video to work from a trigger activation, as the tutorial simply wont allow that.

And I’m having real trouble setting up the media player variable, I’m totally new to this and I’m afraid I dont understand.

Create a UMG widget with an Image widget that spans the entire widget. Then assign the movie material to that Image. Open the UMG widget from your BP, just like in the tutorial.

So, really the only change you need to make from the tutorial is to make the Image widget span the whole screen. You can use the Anchor settings in the UMG editor for that.

If you want to retain aspect ratio, you can wrap the image in a ScaleBox widget.


No luck Im afraid in the level blueprint I cant link in “event begin play” the create media player widget’s return value to the media player variable.

Nor can I get the “media player variable” node, it refuses to appear as anything other than either a “get” or “set” and the “target target media player” node doesnt even show up.

I’ve included images of what I’ve done so far, I’ve tried to use onActorBeginOverlap in contrast to the stuff shown in the UMG tutorial in order to allow the triggerbox to function.


Yh I’m having same difficulty maybe someone from epic can help?

Make youve got a widget setup with an image inside of it.

Make sure your image material is set up as the white node of the texture sample is connected to the “Emissive Color” pin of the Material node you’re using.

Make sure you’ve got a boxtrigger.

open your level blueprint (Select blueprints from the menu at the top >> Open Level Blueprint)

In here you want to link the following nodes in this order “OnActorBeginOverlap” + “Create Widget” + “Add to Viewport”

Ensure the “return value” of the create widget and “target” of add to viewport are linked.

Compile and save and that should work (Ins Hopefully)

Hi anyone out there know if the MAC version of Unreal supports mp4 video files… Im getting a black screen with no time duration showing, any help would be great thanks.