Can't import these assets onto UE4?

I tried downloading houdini engine to transfer the files over to UE4 but even after confirming the license it says i do not have the plugin. If there is any other way to gain access to this material it would be greatly appreciated to know how. Would really like to access some of these models if anyone can help.

thats a pretty cool asset pack. i just downloaded it and when asked about houdini and not having the plugin it said something like you wont be able to load assets blah blah blah so i clicked ok. it all worked fine though. i had to open the provided overview level to actually see the scene the creator made then wait for the shaders to compile which took a few mins. but it all worked just fine.

I tried doing the exact same thing and it loaded a blank level with no assets in it, Weird.

Yea it does that, you need to locate and open the overview level yourself. It just doesn’t load the overview level by default.