Can't import morph targets for a head rig into UE?!


I have a head rig (created in 3ds Max) which I just need to import into an Unreal level so I can show off that it works…except that it doesn’t. The rig uses bones to control the head and jaw, and the expressions are taken care of using morph targets. I have followed the tutorials on how to import morph targets to the letter but the morph targets do not show up on the control panel. The bones import fine and I can control them within UE, and the animation works too, minus all the morph target animations. I tried the same process just using a box with one morph target, and did the exact same process I had been doing with the head rig and it worked fine, they morph target showed up in the control panel.

Is there a different process I need to do for a head rig? Have I missed a check box or something?