Can't import FBX skeletal mesh anymore!

Yeah. It doesn’t work anymore. Not sure if it’s a 4.5 issue. My UE is updated.

I tried reimporting a FBX skeletal mesh and the option is now greyed out, I can only import it as a static mesh.

In 4.5, the type of import is auto-detected. When you import a mesh with skinning and you exported it with mesh + bones, UE4 will treat it as a skeletal mesh.

Can you post this to the**AnswerHub** in the “Bugs” section so that we can assign and look into this for you?

Include as much detail as possible, such as, is this happening on all meshes you try to import or is it just a single mesh that is causing the issue?

I’ve imported many skeletal meshes and have not had the issue.

Thank you!


What software are you using? I use Blender and if you don’t make double sure you select everything in the scene before you export it leaves the skeleton behind and your left with a static mesh.

Hi Luis,

FBX import part of UE4.5 actually has some bugs. I also got some problems with it, but was able to manage out the way to resolve it. I am not sure your problem is exactly same as a mine one, but in my case I was able to solve the problem by manually edit the <YourProjectFolder>/Saved/Config/Windows/EditorUserSettings.ini file and in particular fix the all FBX-related sections ([/Script/UnrealEd.FbxImportUI], [/Script/UnrealEd.FbxStaticMeshImportData], [/Script/UnrealEd.FbxSkeletalMeshImportData], etc.) It seems that some Fbx import settings configs prevents Fbx import UI to work correctly (and you can’t anymore change these settings from UI itself), so I have just create fresh new project and compare settings in my project with ones in this new one. There are was some evident places in my project settings which was problematic and after I change them directly in this file all returns to normal work (and now I know what I should not do in Fbx import UI to get things broken again).

Maybe try this way, I hope it could help you. Have a nice day!

Yeah Having the exact same issue in ue4 4.7, i liked it better when i could import without it being automatic so i could choose

why is it still a pain in the ■■■ to import basic stuffs in 2021…jeee