Can't import FBX due to degenerate polygons?

I am at a loss with this.

I used to do all of my modeling in Maya but I don’t have a license for it anymore so I switched to Blender. I had built all of the models in Maya, exported FBX files, and imported them successfully into Unreal before, but I had a hard drive fail and I lost all of my FBX files so I’m having to remodel them in Blender.

The parts are pretty basic shapes (literally just cubes with cylinders at different sizes). I’ve imported 3 no problem and then on the 4th import it gives me the error: “Mesh Name: [Block] part name: [Cylinder] could not be created because all of its polygons are degenerate.”

So after trying to remake the model in a fresh Blender project to no avail, and some quick detective work, I’ve noticed that it’s only the cylinder meshes that give me this error.

I went back into blender, started a brand new project, added a default cylinder mesh, exported the default cylinder mesh to FBX, and then tried to import and again I am met with the “could not be created because all of its polygons are degenerate” error.

I then went back into blender, edit mode, mesh → clean up → degenerate dissolve → and dissolved anything within a 1mm radius and still I get the degenerate polygons issue.

If I don’t “join” my meshes in blender and export the FBX, then every part of the model EXCEPT for the cylinders get imported successfully.

What am I missing here?