Can't import .DDS into UE4


Currently I’m trying to make a skybox or rather a spacebox, however UE4 pretty much ‘stops working’ after trying to import a 96MB 2056x .DDS made through spacescape.

You can only import one type of .DDS format, the Cubemap.

Also If I remember right, Cubemaps get clamped to a small texture size as well, so a huge resolution will be clamped down to something tiny anyway.

if it is the texture, I managed to open it in photoshop

Since its made in Spacescape, just export it as a .png!

So this is the export function, perhaps the ‘UNREAL’ export refers to UDK instead of UE4. Might have to play with that, other then that I’m pretty much clueless. Tried 512x res as well without result.

.DDS file types can take a while to import. They may appear as if the editor has frozen as you mention but it’s just processing. I know Eric and I did a test with this and for, I believe, a 48 or 96 mb file it took about 20 minutes to import. This has recently been improved so that it took only 8 minutes when we tested on our machines. I’m not sure if this actually made it into 4.8 or if that would be 4.9. I can take a look tomorrow at work and let you know for sure. Don’t close out of the editor, just let it do it’s processing with some time and it will come in.

Greatly appreciated, i have been sitting on my *** for over a day figuring a way around it. I’ll have it import again in multiple formats and report my findings.

Importing through ‘SOURCE’ with Spacescape on 1024x 24MB took about 2 minutes this time.

And for the sake of completion, the end result.