Cant import blueprints

When Im trying to import a blueprint, the importer dont find any blueprint in the blueprint folder. Does anyone know whats wrong?

You cant import a blueprint -> you have to copy it into your content folder :wink:

I tried, but i get the “Unknown .uasset” message.

Best way would be when you go to the project from the blueprint -> right click onto it -> “migrate” -> and then migrate it into the new project

It didnt work. What I want is to replace a blueprint on my character-camera. They have to make an easier way to do this :slight_smile: Like “blueprint > file > replace blueprint”.

:stuck_out_tongue: Normally it should work when you just replace it in your content folder (projects-projectname-content) -> I always do it like that

Will try to figure out what I do wrong :slight_smile: I think the blueprint got replaced, but I didnt get any changes on the character-camera.

If all you want is to change a component in a BP with another one in another BP, open them both and drag & drop from one BP to another. Then get rid of the camera component you dont need anymore.