Cant import Audio Files

Hi, since i update to 4.9 i cant import Audio files Normally, instead of a SoundBase asset creates a Media Player Asset and i dont know how can i use that o can i create a normal Sound Asset to play it in game


Which file type do you use for your sounds? -> e.g with .wav it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Whith wav or mp3 create a media Player Asset instead a normal Sound Asset

In my case it creates a media player asset when I import a mp3 file and an ordinary sound asset when I try it with a wav -> check if you use the right settings for your sound: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Audio/WAV/index.html :slight_smile:

With Mp3 or Wav either

Remeber Wav is just a container file, it needs to contain PCM wave data

With 4.8 the same wav files works perfectly, imported as Normal Sound files, but now with 4.9 import them as Media Player

It was the file format , thanks

Can an MP3 be used in Unreal Engine? WAV works fine but MP3 seems to get imported as a movie/media player, and I’m not sure how to play the sound. I tried “Create Media Sound Wave” on the MP3 but I still can’t actually play the sound wave. Is there a workaround or maybe I’m doing something wrong here?

I’m mainly asking because MP3s have pretty much the same sound quality as WAV, but are way smaller file sizes (for example, the WAV is 293kb and the MP3 is 25.5kb)

I had the same issue. FILE FORMAT. MP3 would not work, had to be converted to .wav