Can't import anything...

Hi all-

New here & just ran into a strange thing.

I have been running the tutorials, and decided to try to import some things I’ve exported from SketchUp as .fbx.

Until this morning I had no basic issues (other than textures not showing up) - this morning I decided to try to tackle the problem, but now when I try to import anything, the viewport gets very dark (black), I can barely see the grid, and nothing I’m trying to import either imports or creates an import dialog.

I think I’m missing something basic but can’t figure it out.

Any help appreciated…


Sure could use some help.

Try creating a new project or reinstalling the engine.

Hey Oandroido,

Are you able to attach a screenshot of your editor with this problem, it might help us figure out what is going on.

I’m just speculating here but if your mesh was actually importing and the scale was off its entirely possible that you would get this result.