Can't import animation in 4.20

I can’t import any fbx animation into UE 4.20 for any of my characters. The error is always “Mesh containts Root bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track. Import failed”, even though I checked and it is.
The other error I get sometimes says that there is no animation data in the fbx.
Same fbx files work perfectly in 4.19

EDIT: So I just checked, and it happens only on my converted project from 4.19. New projects on 4.20 work fine. Anybody knows what might be the problem and how to fix it? Thanks

EDIT2: I just looked through the changelog and found this:
New: Import Asset Metadata through FBX
When you import an FBX file into Unreal, any FbxProperty data that is saved in that file is now imported as well. You can access this metadata in Blueprint or Python scripts that you run in the Unreal Editor. This can help you customize your own asset management pipelines for Unreal based on information about your assets that comes from your content creation tools.

I guess ANY FbxProperty means that namespaces are imported too? :frowning:

Same issue here but it does the same thing with new projects as well.

Are you referencing files and your rig is in a namespace or something like that?

For me the issues seems to be that in 4.20 the importer will add the namespace names infront the mesh and bone names which is why it doesn’t find the root bone when importing the animations. Try to import the animation file but dont select and existing skeleton but let it create a new skeleton. See the bone names in the new one.

Posted this in the forums as well Skeletal mesh and joint name issue with 4.20 (Maya namespaces) - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Yep, just checked, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Same issue here!! 4.19 animations import perfectly. 4.20 error, i temporaly import the animations into the 4.19 project and then grab the .uasset from the explorer and drop into 4.20 works well.

Yep, I do the same. But rather than copy it I prefer to use the migrate feature.

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We have reproduced this issue and logged a report for it here UE-62067. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff.