Can't import animated object from Blender 2.8 to UE4. Animated object scale is tiny.

I got this issue with exporting from Blender to UE4. I have this hawk that has a simple rig and flying animation. I’m trying to export and import it to unreal. I get one warning which is “Imported bone transform is different from original. Please check Output Log to see detail of error”.The object is fine but when I place the mesh onto the map and apply an animation asset to it, it disappears and it seems that the scale is tiny. I checked inside of Blender to see if the object bone and mesh scale is applied and as at 1.0 for XYZ and it is. Any solutions?

EDIT: I figured out the problem after stumbling across an old YouTube video on exporting animated objects from blender to UE4. I thought I had the world scene unit settings setup correctly for Blender 2.8 for UE4. I didn’t. For any assets from Blender 2.8 must be set to this to export any assets animated or not to be at the correct scale and export animations correctly. I also posted screenshots of the world scene settings and export settings (also make sure you’re selecting both the mesh and all the bones when exporting from Blender). I hope this helps anyone that comes across this issue as I did. Can’t wait for the “Send to Unreal” addon from Epic Games! :slight_smile: