Can't Get Wyverns' Retexture Mod to Work

I have been trying to make what I thought would be a simple retexture mod for the wyverns, but I can’t get it to work for the life of me. I feel like I’m doing everything right, following the limited number of tutorials out there, but I guess I’m not.

I’m following this tutorial as a startup to prep the mod folder (I’ve also seen others, and this one’s a little different in the sense that it adds a new map to it so it doesn’t load TheCenter map or whatever):

And then I’m following this other tutorial, to add the new dino(wyvern) variant:

I feel like I’m doing everything by the book, and yet my game crashes on startup, having my mod as the only mod enabled for testing purposes. I even started a new game file.

Now, those tutorials don’t go into actually retexturing anything. So, what I do is basically, whatever file inside the wyvern blue print that I know I’m gonna be editing, I copy to my mod’s folder, and replace it in the blue print. After I’m done and everything appears to be linked to one another the way the tutorials show, I cook it as a normal mod, upload it to steam, download it to my game, enable it, and once I start a new game, I get a weird long popup and crash.

Any ideas?
Thank you

One issue I can see right off the bat is that first tutorial tells you to put a testgamemode override in the orange level file.That is incorrect. You only want to override the testgamemode in the PrimalGameData and ONLY if you actually edit the testgamemode which I’m sure you didn’t.

Alright, thank you for that. I’m gonna delete those main files and replace them with a fresh copy. Not gonna follow that tutorial this time.
Silly question, but once I double click the genericmod orange level file to edit its content in world settings, the middle window goes black and there’s no way I can get to test my mod. How do I load that thing back up?

click on the “Maps folder” then double click “Testmap”