Cant get walk animation to play?

So I have a movement animation blendspace set up which is like idle > walk > run. And for my character movement, I have ‘W’ for walk and ‘W’ + Shift for sprint. But for both of them, only running animation plays. I cannot get the walk animation to play. I know this is supposed to do with blendspace but I dont know how to fix it? :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot of your blendspace and animation graph to further elaborate on your setup? There’s not much to go on from your question description.

Did you click on the “Apply Parameter Changes” button when you changed the values?

You forgot to click on the Apply Parameter Changes button when you modified your parameter values.

I think that the speed is set to high, show us your blendspace screenshots, controller screenshots and animBP screenshots

Ahhhh i got it…I feel stupid now XD…now I just have to figure out how to make chain combo attacks…Thanks guys!!!

You’re welcome! You can mark my answer below as accepted if you’re question has been satisfied. :slight_smile: