Cant get UMG Widget Button to interact with another blueprint.

As the title says. Below are some diagnosis of whats going on.

The IsClicked bool is in the RollerPlayerController blueprint.

The UMG should look at the reference (Roller) of the RollerPlayerController where the IsClicked bool is.

When the buttons pressed it should set the IsClicked bool to true but as you can see the IsClicked always remains false and the print to screen node never runs.

I’ve tried so many things like changing it from the RollerPlayerControler to my character blueprint. I even tried working it backwards but nothing seems to work and I just can’t understand what I’m missing here.

At first I was attempting to use a custom event instead of event tick. But a video on youtube done it this way.

I have 2 monitors set-up thats why I can click and/or press the button while taking screenshots. incase you were wondering.

Thanks for reading any help much appreciated.


Can you give me a rundown of the situations you’re trying to set up?

You might be missing a node or be in the wrong blueprint.

~ Jason

P.S. How in the world did you get such crisp images? I tried every image uploading site and they decrease the image quality.

Well as for the Images nothing special, Just used GIMP 2 cut and paste the bit I needed into a new 1024x768 image. saved as PNG then uploaded them directly to this forum using the insert image button.

Ok, I’m going to have to try remember what I’ve been doing.

First of all I was initially trying to make a UMG Virtual D-PAD to move a roller ball the way I want. However it failed anyway so I tried simplifying everything in order to find the problem thats why I have a print node in the RollerPlayerController blueprint.

I created a new Widget, added the 4 buttons and 4 Images on top of the button.
Then played around with binding just 1 button as I have other widgets that seem to work but completely different to this situation.
Discovered that when I run the game the button appears to be pressed or grayed out/disabled maybe so I looked around google for an answer.
Found a video"UE4- D-Pad Widget Character Controls" This seems exactly like I need but instead he uses the level blueprint to to create widget and add to viewport.
So in the graph of the widget blueprint I found the button variable I needed and created an OnPressed event. I then created a custom event in the RollerPlayerController blueprint and connected the nodes in the widget graph using the bools and the reference to the RollerPlayerController but it never seems to fire in the RollerPlayerController.
I then went along the Event Tick Idea the guy used in the video.
I’ve tried casting to the RollerPlayerController instead, using the reference as the object pin but I just get Warnings and/or errors.
I’ve tried referencing the widget and and creating bools in the widget. Then from the RollerPlayerController checking the bools thatway but seems awkward backwards and got errors and never worked anyway.
I’ve moved the create widget node and viewport from my character blueprint to my RollerControllerBlueprint but made no difference or sense at all.
I’ve tried using OnClicked and OnPressed events separately and both together but same results.
I’ve tried changing the interaction of the button to Down and Up, Mouse down etc… but didn’t seem to make and change at all.
I’ve tried to add movement and add torque directly from a custom event instead of just using print to test but nothing happend either.

I can’t remember exactly everything I have tried as I’ve only had a few hours over the past few days to get this to work.

I’m pretty sure this wall of text can’t help you help me lol, but thats it anyway :confused:


AHHHH… Just discovered if I check the expose on spawn in the button I then get a reference pin on my create widget that I can self reference to. Im starting to get results now :):slight_smile: happy day. Even though I need to go out now at least I know I’ll have something to come back to and work on