Can't get Tracker Devices with Widget Blueprints to show simultaneously

Hey all, I’ve enabled the max trackers on HUD to 2. I’ve tried assigning both trackers on game start with triggers and switches and on players being spawned. Also, if I remove the custom widget blueprints and restore them to default they both show together. So I know that they’re both being assigned but nothing seems to get both of them to show at the same time. And it seems that the “Wanted” UI has a higher priority when both are assigned because in the video I Assign the other Tracker but it doesn’t show until I remove the “Wanted” Tracker. Any ideas with what could be happening?

Some important settings within both trackers:

  • Both are set to track events
  • Reset on First Spawn set to “True”
  • Sharing is set to “Individual”
  • When target is reached “Do Nothing”
  • Show on HUD “Both”
  • Tracker Completion Ceremony set to “False”
  • Use Persistence set to “False”

Maybe add a timer? That’s connected?

To: Remove the Hud Display after (X) amount of time?

*My bad just re-read the title…umm simultaneously eh?
Maybe output two different classes? Perhaps its set on the same class?

Is simultaneously where layers come into play ?

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