Can't get to menu properties on cut track

I’m doing projection mapping live event stuff so I have alot of cameras in my scene - I also have a bunch of blank actors as nulls which for some reason Sequencer sees as a camera ( how do u stop this from happening ???) So when I right click on the cut track to get to the properties the menu that wants you to select which camera is connected to the cut track- is so long full of the cameras and actors that I cannoit get to the top and to the properties menu - there’s noway to scroll - i have a 4k monitor and the friggin UI is so ridiculously thick and has so much wasted space it fills up way to quick

also please can someone tell me what benefit there is to the cut track ??? it seems absolutely useless - anyone have any use for it that makes itr better than just having the camera that is highest in the outliner to be primeary like every editting software on the planet

I’ve somehow been using premiere and after effects for over 10 years and never needed one , it causes so much confusion and makes no sense - I would love to know what I can be using it for that makes it so valuable to have there instead of just using the camera

you can set cuts in the camera cuts track, and have each one set to a different camera
I don’t treat it like a cut in the sequencer myself

I treat the sequence like a cut in a master sequence