Cant get this to Print :/

Hi there, following the car lapTime tutorial (VideoTutorials from Epic)
and I can’t for the love of science get the DrawText (HUD) to work :confused:

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 12.58.29.png

Is there other “lap time” tutorials out there that I can try out?


The error tells you that “Target” needs to be the HUD Class you are using.

If you don’t plugin something into “Target”, it will use “self”. “Self” is the Blueprint you are working in. So i guess you are not working in the HUD Class.

I don’t know i which BP you are working, but you can get the HUD over the PlayerController if needed:

Although i would recommend to get the Variable from the class you want to print INSIDE of your HUD and draw it there.

Also you might would to have a look at UMG. This is easier to use than the old canvas HUD.
There are also tutorials that i guess you will find yourself (:

Also, you did not choose a font.


I guess he would need to add one first. I was not able to select the standard Font there.

But i really recommended him to use UMG.

I agree.


To get the standard fonts you have to show engine content in the content browser. However, echoing both Narghile and eXi, I highly recommend UMG.

Sweet, i thought they were hidden somewhere (i haven’t used the canvas in a long time). Didn’t know they are only visible with this on.

For people struggling with this. What Adam means is enabling “Show Engine Content” in the view options of your Content Browser.

Ok thank you guys, needless to say Im new to this :slight_smile:

I don’t know why I didn’t try doing this in the HUD, I guess I got tutorial blindness :slight_smile: will try that now… Big thank you guys